Don Bosco Missions Kenya – East Africa Mission

Sponsor a street child

Thousands (if not millions!) children in Kenya live in the slum, in the setting with less thatn 1$ to spend per day. They often end up on the street, which gives them only way of survival. Bosco Boys gives them new opportunity.

This is where you come in. For less than one dollar a day ($30 monthly, $360 annually), you too can support a child in his quest for education. This monthly pledge will help a child go to school, receive necessary medical treatment, and be a part of activities that will give him/her an opportunity to have a future. You will be sent a photo and bio about the child you are sponsoring. As a sponsor you will be able to communicate with the child through our organization. The length of the sponsorship is yearly, but maybe discontinued at the donor’s request at any time.

Salesian Mission in Kenya

Salesian Mission Office collaborates with Salesian Missionaries in Kenya, Tanzania and Sudan, and helps provide for the material and spiritual needs of poor and abandoned individuals, especially the young.

We seek donations from private citizens and communities to support development projects which not only advance individuals, but also communities. We encourage and promote a prayer for the needs of our donors and their families, and those working in the educative pastoral works in our missions.


What is adoption? It means becoming a benefactor of children or youngsters in Kenya, Tanzania or Sudan thus enabling them to study and contributing to meeting their basic life requirements. The goal of the project is to help the disadvantaged children in a developing country to get education and to give them a chance for better life.

Adoption program is the only possibility for hundreds of students to enter and complete the education process. Education is the most important tool to enter the adult life, to become independent and responsible citizen, but for many it is a luxury they cannot afford. Without education, they are condemned to poverty. By supporting children through their education, you give them future, hope and better life for their whole family and their country.